Declaration of Accession

  1. The minimum amount for the annual contribution fee is 65 €. You may want to self-classify with a higher amount – this is always possible for reasons of a sense of community and solidarity.

  2. Membership Fee
  3. Form of Payment
  4. In case my/our current account does not show sufficient coverage, there is no obligation on part of the bank or savings association to pay. I/ we agree to bear the costs for a return debit note that might arise by nonpayment. Partial redemptions will not be made.

  5. A cancellation of membership has to be declared in writing to the (governing) board. Persons incapable of managing their own affairs need to have their notice of resignation also signed by their legal representative. The withdrawal can be announced anytime towards the end of the financial year, complying a notice period of two months.

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    On request (via EMail) the constitution of the ZVD e.V. will be send to you. By pressing the button „join“ you declare that the ZVD e.V. is allowed to collect your membership fee/contribution, and you are joining the ZVD e.V.

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